GCSE & A Level revision for religious studies, philosophy & ethics

Integrated Learning

We publish books for GCSE (coming soon) and A Level Religious Studies, Philosophy (of Religion) and (Religious) Ethics to support our growing learning communities. We currently have available learning resources for A Level Ethics & Philosophy. We will soon be launching a new series for GCSE Religious Studies.

We're growing and changing all the time.

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scanable revision cards

Learning as it should be

Revision cards you can scan with your phone. A wealth of online information curated by top teachers ensures a 360 degree view of your chosen subject. We're not owned by an exam board.

Bite-sized books

No more heavy textbooks with unecessary padding. Just the information you need to know in an easy to follow style. All our books are available in paperback, hardback or eBook formats

integrated learning communities

Totally integrated learning communities

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